Research Begins on Monsieur Auburtin

Serge Bennathan has begun the preliminary research for the upcoming project Monsieur Auburtin, a new theatrical dance work that explores his life dedicated to dance.


Les Productions Figlio joins Eponymous

Les Productions Figlio is now working with the management team at Eponymous!

Dance Current Review of Elles

The power of Elles continues to resonate!


“There is nothing to understand but everything to feel.”
- Serge Bennathan


Winner of the Rio Tinto Alcan Performing Arts Award, Dance 2012


Elles is the expression of choreographer Serge Bennathan’s desire to be confronted once again by feminine strength, passion and depth. This work explores the visceral, raw physicality of women coming from different geographical points, bringing with them different approaches and languages of dance.

Music by Bertrand Chenier; set by Jay Gower Taylor; costumes by Linda Chow; lights by James Proudfoot; and produced by Allyson McGrane.

Photos by Chris Randle.


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