Founded by Artistic Director and choreographer Serge Bennathan, Les Productions Figlio is devoted to the creation of diverse artistic works that break creative barriers. Our projects encompass dance, theatre, music, multi-media, visual art and literary works. Through imagination, poetry and humor, Les Productions Figlio uses art to reach out to people of all ages and backgrounds. The company is based in Vancouver, BC Canada.

Serge Bennathan is an extraordinary creator with solid professional relationships with Canadian producers and presenters in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Canadian centres. His work through Les Productions Figlio is interdisciplinary and we believe that our work can reach out to dance, theatre and visual arts audiences. It is part of our philosophy to build a diverse network of partners to help create, develop, produce and disseminate our artistic work and we believe that we have demonstrated this in our operations to date.  

Les Productions Figlio is committed to creating challenging works that take creative risks. We create art that asks the audience to travel with us, to experience something new that challenges our collective idea of what it means to make a work of dance. For this reason the work of the company does not rest easily within existing categories of dance or theatre.  Works by Les Productions Figlio integrate poetry, visual media, theatre and dance. We want the our work to reflect the nuanced, genre-crossing spirit of our creative identity.

Audience & Critical Response to the work of Les Productions Figlio:   

In addition to excellent audience feedback from all of our performances, we have received strong critical acclaim for our first five productions.  This commentary speaks to the originality of our work, and the extent to which it resonates with audiences and critics alike.

  1. Conversations - "one of the most emotionally wrought performances I've ever seen...really visceral... really went to your gut and your heart." ~Neil Naiman, Director, Wild Excursions Performance.
  2. The Strange Adventure of Myself - “a very personal account of internal struggles... a journey that opens his heart and soul to the audience” ~ Lianna Walden (Plank Magazine); AND “...it was fascinating to watch [Sylvain Senez] delve into performance again—and to do so in such a meaningful, fearless way... The appeal is in watching the collaboration and commitment of two mature talents, one a dancer who’s extremely comfortable in his own skin.”~ Janet Smith (The Georgia Straight, October 16, 2009).
  3.  The Invisible Life of Joseph Finch - “stunningly poetic”  ~ Colin Thomas (Georgia Straight); AND “stunningly beautiful... Bennathan's language is poetic, lyrical and lush with images...” ~ Jo Ledingham (Vancouver Courier); AND “Days after watching it, I still find myself amazed by the luminous lyricism of this heartbreakingly beautiful production.  There was poetry in even the littlest details…” ~ Hong Xinyi (The Straits Times Singapore).
  4. Manga  - “a kinetic tour de force that only dancers of the highest calibre can perform” ~ Paula Citron (Globe and Mail); AND “a series of sketches – all clear and richly textured, done by a master artist able to evoke what he wants in a few sure strokes” ~ Kaija Pepper (Dance Current).
  5. Slam for a Time Traveller - “...the harmoniousness of Slam for a Time Traveller – especially the synthesis implied by three bodies moving as one – made it an apt resolution to the evening.”   ~Meg Walker (Plank Magazine).


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