Research Begins on Monsieur Auburtin

Serge Bennathan has begun the preliminary research for the upcoming project Monsieur Auburtin, a new theatrical dance work that explores his life dedicated to dance.

Les Productions Figlio joins Eponymous


Les Productions Figlio is now working with the management team at Eponymous!

Interview with Darcy McMurray

Here is an interview with Darcy McMurray, one of the eight dancers in Elles. This interview took place while the dancers were still in rehearsal

Elles reviewed by the Post Pacific Post

"Bennathan plays a bit of a maestro in assembling a series of powerhouse solos and duets together into one piece, building a tempo that begins with a soft gracefulness and moves deeper and deeper into a frenetically charged propulsion."

Read the full review here.

Elles opened last night!

And we're off to a fabulous start! Last night Elles made its world premiere at the Cultch Historic Theatre. A captivating performance by 8 powerhouse dancers from across the country.

Anastasia Koutalianos has a review already posted. Here's a snippet of what she said:

"...the dance extends me its hands. And takes me outside myself. Makes me want to feel, and move, and stretch. It shows me the richness of being female:  to hold and abandon, to intimidate and lead, to fall and love and struggle and empower—and surrender to it all. "

Elles gets a mention in the Dance House blog: BlogHouse

The Dance House mentioned our upcoming performance in their blog, BlogHouse.

Here's what they said:

Elles - featured in Georgia Straight

Yesterday the Georgia Straight's Gail Johnson published her interview with Serge Bennathan about the Elles world premiere at the Cultch’s Historic Theatre from Tuesday to next Saturday (March 13 to 17).

Read about how the idea for this piece began and Serge's ambitions for the production:

For Elles, it began with the vengeful nymphs

By Gail Johnson,

Elles: Interview and New Look for our website

Today is International Woman's Day, which we thought would be an appropriate day to launch our fabulous new website in honour of our upcoming production Elles, a celebration of feminine strength, passion and depth.

Elles with the support of the Rio Tinto Alcan Award for Performing Arts 2012, will premiere at the The Cultch March 13-17 2012. Buy tickets now.



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