Interview with Darcy McMurray

Here is an interview with Darcy McMurray, one of the eight dancers in Elles. This interview took place while the dancers were still in rehearsal.  It is interesting to read after having seen the piece, and having an eye as to how it was created from the perspective of one of the dancers!

Debora: What have you most enjoyed about working with Serge?

Darcy: Being involved in the creation process with him there is a lot to feed off of as a dancer.  I like the way he is kind of pushing us a little, really stretching us, but trying not to strip away what is really unique.

Debora: How does Serge work with you all in this piece?

Darcy: Serge comes with the moves already done, it is not improvisationaley based as some choreographers work.  So yes, so often he will stand there…..wait for the moves to come to him….. and show us, and we will try and follow the moves as best we can.  When he gives it to us that is what it is.  Of course there is always room to shift and play with things, tweak with dynamics.  So yeah, he will demonstrate something or verbalize something and we will just sort of try and roll with it.  He’s got a vision!

Debora: For you, what is Elles about?

Darcy: It is working a lot with the history of dance. I think in a way that maybe we are playing a bit with us dancers in the present moment and what has come before us. So thinking a lot about that with the movements.  For me Elles is about dancing with a bunch of powerhouse women so I think a lot about being female in this piece and coming in with that as well.

We are definitely playing with the spectrum of being female but coming at it with a lit of reflection of what has come before.

Debora: It is interesting that Serge is doing a piece about women being a man himself.  What is his approach for this?

Darcy:  I would say that he is coming at it from his own perspective but he also comes from a history of working with a lot of women.  And a really big part of the piece is trying to maintain our own individuality so there is nothing being imposed on us so to speak, we are holding our own.

Debora: Is there anything that stands out for you about the piece?

Darcy: I would say it is going to be a pretty dynamic piece!  And yes, there will be bodies launching!


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