“It is going to be an extremely physical work, showing warriors for culture, warriors for dance, warriors for values that are our own, that speak to us about who we are” Serge Bennathan

Elles with the support of the Rio Tinto Alcan Award for Performing Arts 2012, premiered at the The Cultch March 13-17 2012.

Music by Bertrand Chenier; set by Jay Gower Taylor; costumes by Linda Chow; lights by James Proudfoot; produced by Allyson McGrane.

Elles is the expression of choreographer Serge Bennathan’s desire to be confronted once again by feminine strength, passion and depth. This ambitious work explores the visceral, raw physicality of women coming from different geographical points, bringing with them different approaches and languages of dance, showcasing Canadian regional diversity in contemporary dance. Dancers from Vancouver, Winnipeg and Montreal have initially worked individually with Serge to create their solos. Now the dancers have come together in Vancouver to explore each other’s movement vocabularies and Serge will create the work, fitting the solos as a puzzle within the big picture.

Elles is about looking at what makes dance, looking at the artists of dance in dance, and the verbality of their individual physicality that slowly builds their chain of movement and becomes a performance.




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