The Invisible Life of Joseph Finch

Premiered in Chutzpah! Festival (Feb. 2007) –and presented at the Singapore Fringe Festival (Jan. 2008).

The Invisible Life of Joseph Finch is a bittersweet and poetic remembrance from a holocaust survivor to his long-lost daughter that combines autobiography, childhood memories, scraps of recipes, larger-than-life characters and the unspeakable memories that each holocaust survivor carries.

The Invisible Life of Joseph Finch tells the story of how love triumphs and thrives against all odds. Simmering resentment, unspoken emotions, and a child’s memories make The Invisible Life of Joseph Finch a moving but unsentimental account of a grandfather's acceptance of his imminent death in the gas chambers of Auschwitz, and how that acceptance becomes a precious gift to his son Joseph Finch decades later.

Colin Thomas from the Georgia Straight said: “In many ways, the evening is a remarkable accomplishment. Jonathon Young delivers a bravura solo performance. Jay Gower Taylor's set is (mostly) a triumph of minimalism. And the text itself is often stunningly poetic….”

Jo Ledingham from the Vancouver Courier said: “What makes this production so stunningly beautiful is the combined passion of two amazing artists: Serge Bennathan, choreographer, writer and director; and Jonathon Young, performer and co-artistic director of the always inventive Electric Company Theatre. Bennathan's language is poetic, lyrical and lush with images… [and] while not a trained dancer, Young simply dances this story to life.”

This piece – the first play by celebrated choreographer Serge Bennathan – was premiered in the 2007 Chutzpah! Festival. After its successful run, The Invisible Life of Joseph Finch was invited to participate in the Singapore Fringe Festival in January 2008 for its theme of Art and History. Collaborators who headed to Asia with the project include: James Proudfoot (lighting), Jay Gower Taylor (set), Colleen Totten (stage management) and Allyson McGrane (tour management).


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