The Strange Adventure of Myself

The Strange Adventure of Myself is a new a solo work created for dancer Sylvain Senez. It premiered in Vancouver at the Firehall Atrs Centre on October 15th, 2009.

The Strange Adventure of Myself is inspired by discussions about life, age, and art, but above all it is about dance. Choreographer Serge Bennathan describes the work's creation: “I entered this exploration, this voyage, with all the love, tenderness that I have for this art form, thinking about the extreme vulnerability and courage of the dancer.” The Strange Adventure of Myself is a study of dance and memories of dance – of a life in dance and the dance of life. It is a performance about the effect on the present of all past generations of dancers throughout the world.

Bennathan says “a phrase by Jean Genet describes very well the galaxy where I encouraged Sylvain Senez to immerse himself: You are an artist, alas, you can no longer refuse to confront the awful precipice of your eyes.” In The Strange Adventure of Myself, biography, autobiography, truth, lies, physicality, and stillness all find their place. The work of the dancer is a constant, humble, beautiful and formidably egotistical attempt at grace.


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