Conversations: On Poetry and The Artists

The two artists selected for Conversations: Vancouver-based Billy Marchenski (left) and Toronto-based Danny Wild (right)

Now that you learned a little bit more about the life of the Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca on the last entry, let's talk about the inspiration and conception behind Serge Bennathan's new play Conversations.

Conversations: Federico Garcia Lorca

Federico Garcia Lorca, one of the greatest representants of Spanish literature, aged 21

Following the success of his previews works, Serge Bennathan is ready to premier his long-awaited new project Conversations. To mark this special occasion, he is returning to Vancouver's highly anticipated Chutzpah! Festival, the same event where he premiered his first play, the acclaimed The Invisible Life of Joseph Finch, four years ago.

Conversations is an imaginary encounter between the Spanish poet and playwright Federico Garcia Lorca and his assassin Juan Luis Trescastro, portrayed by Billy Marchanski and Danny Wild.


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